Friday, March 25, 2011

Made it to spring.

Every year as green things and sun light return I breath a sigh of relief...Spring! Although our Central Oregon weather will not warm up until June all the small signs of life are reassuring. It took me until this year to recognize that I actually hibernate to some degree during winters up here. So in contrast to the dark and the cold of winter, all these small bits of light and friendship and full buds on the tips of tree branches are stunning...But I can't wait for summer!!

Signs of life in my own life: renewed desire to do a KPOV show: 'Mixtape Radio'. Garden plans. Life plans. Rearranged the house and turned it into a bit of a jungle. Got two fish - blue betas. Riding my bike again - discovered the Freddy Krueger face mask works wonders for those long downhills. Got my guitar restrung with really easy strings :)

Yes, I am still looking for a decent job in Bend, OR (one of the worst places to look right now). I have two interesting possibilities floating around out there (a NEPA Planner position for the FS and a field botanist position). I want the botanist one!

I am really happy with Bend the community. I have made some seriously rad friends here and there are a lot of fun things happening all the time. Then there's all the playing in the woods we all do...makes everyone pretty happy in general I reckon.