Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Ride

Well, i did it, i broke down and got cruiser! I wanted something comfortable to putz around town on. I decided i don't need all the speed and high-tech features, I just want something that looks good and i'm not that concerned about how well it performs. I'll be slow, but it's all about style and comfort...

Yup, i got a cruiser. It's a Schwinn! Did i scare ya? Haha, not a cruiser motorcycle, just a bicycle. I should probably never say never, but i don't think i'll ever own a full-on cruiser style motorcycle.

I picked it up at Costco for $159; they still have 'em i think. Anyway, the weather hasn't been particularly bicycle friendly for a while (35 degrees and raining right now), but come summertime, i'll be rollin' downtown and to the parks/concerts in style on my beach cruiser. Plus, it's Beaver colors (my alma mater), bonus!

Here's a couple pictures:


  1. man. i big time need one! you should buy me one for an early bday present! come on, everyone's doing it!

  2. Im not sure what OSU you went to that I didn't, but Beaver Colors are Orange and Black, Not Wierd looking Yellow and Black. But cool ride anyway dude....

  3. Hmm, i think you need to adjust your monitor, it's definitely orange.

  4. That's a sweet bike...

    So how long until you paint it flat black?