Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 15!

So far so good! We have officially been married for 15 whole days now! We are very proud of ourselves :D But really, after one huge party and a week of vacation in Arizona followed by a "quiet" week hiding now that we've been home...this whole marriage thing is awesome!

Considering the wacky El Nino weather, all I asked for for my wedding day was "please don't rain, please don't rain!" Well, the day was as all we could have hoped for! Crazy, of course, just like everyone warned, but beautiful weather and everything ran mostly as planned :D

For everyone who was there, thank you so much for coming to celebrate our love. For everyone who helped out, we could NOT have done it with out you! This thing was very much a group project and wow are we blessed with amazing friends and family!! Aside from the obvious things this experience has really truly showed me how many wonderful people I am surrounded by. There are too many of you even to list who came to the rescue during various parts of all of this!

So thank you to everyone we know! We love you all and we are very happily settled in back in Bend!!

P.S. Soooo many more pictures coming soon!

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