Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quick Follow-Up

A couple more things related to the last post.

First, I don't think i stated one important point that was present in my mind but failed to make it into the post. That is, that in this hypothetical alternative lifestyle, i would spend much more time "working" than i currently do. What i'm wondering, is if it would feel like work. I'm sure that sometimes it would, maybe even most of the time. But i'm also sure there would be times that it wouldn't. I don't know whether or not I'd prefer it overall, but i think that there is at least a chance that i would.

Also, I just happened to spend some time working on a farm today! There is an organization here called Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOLF) and Burl and I volunteered to help out today. We visited a farm about 20 miles from our house, that is a very small operation that primarily supplies CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box distributors in Central Oregon. We're talking about a total of probably around 5-8 acres, but a fair amount of variety in that space. We got to talk quite a bit with the proprietor and hear about the challenges involved. She said she grew enough produce in peak season to support 40-60 people.

Anyway, it was funny that half a day after writing that last entry, i was standing on a small, organic, hand-worked farm and learning about what it takes and what it produces. Of course, in this area, during a large part of the year, it doesn't produce much at all.

It was some fun and some work, some great food and a lot of sun. And now I'm bushed!

PS - thanks for all the comments on the last post! I'm glad to hear that a lot of other people are wondering about similar things.

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