Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lovely experience

So, I have never been able to successfully and actually chill-out. But today I did it. In the midst of invitation stress I went to a yoga class. The class itself was nothing special but at the end you relax into 'Sivananda' and essentially meditate for a few minutes.

Normally during sivananda I either stress the whole time or resist falling asleep. Today I was able to find calm without falling asleep. This was a great feeling. My thoughts slowed to a normal conversation speed, not the incessant race that they typically are. The song that was playing was beautiful and invoked images of a beautiful dancer...Pretty trippy, right? Well, all I know is that it felt amazing and I want it again and forever.

The interesting part is that typically the teacher ends the class, we get up and walk away. Today she said we could stay for all afternoon if we wanted and I laid there for another half hour. Just interesting timing the way that it all worked out...stressful day -> much needed calm -> class atypically being extend to allow this experience!

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