Monday, April 12, 2010

Cali Moto Tour 2009 - Day 2 - June 2

Cali Moto Tour 2009 - Day 2 - June 2

Burl: Tuesday 7:50AM - Our first camp, by Lake Britton, was alright, but there are droning and beeping noises--coming from the hydro power company? On a more positive note, we did not come across any pot farm booby traps. Perfect temperature!

Troy:  Yeah, the forest ranger warned us about traveling too far up some of the roads, for danger of coming across illegal pot farms. Apparently these farms are often booby trapped and/or patrolled by armed thugs. Do we live in a 3rd world country? How is it that it is KNOWN that there is an illegal and dangerous operation up there, and nothing is done about it. Instead, we just can’t camp there because that area effectively belongs to the drug gangs.

This, and all the other crime related to supplying marijuana to those who want it, is the reason that i'm in favor of legalizing pot. Anybody who wants to smoke it, is going to, whether it's legal or not. So we might as well make it legal, which would turn it into a regular crop like food crops. It would create jobs and reduce crime. Win-win if you ask me, and I don't even smoke it.
Anyway, that was quite a rant! The campsite was good and it was a nice start to our trip!

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